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Sql Batch Script Runner

I always want to post more frequently on my blog, but it seems lately that the only time I get to posting is when I have a new productivity tool to share.
Today I want to share a new tool that I created to maintain databases by running multiple batch scripts against it.

Sql Batch script runner is a general purpose MS Sql script runner that can process multiple batch sql files and run them against your database.
This tool is a perfect free alternative to the Red-Gate SQL Multi Script.

Sql script runner allows you to select a folder containing multiple batch scripts. Change your connection string and run all the scripts against the database.

After all scripts have been run, you can view a log of all the errors, or export the entire message log to file.

This tool is for windows only and is built in .Net 4.5.1 using the Sql 2014 management objects, in order to simplify the batch processing.
In future releases I am planning to add support to store multiple environments by pre-configuring the connection strings.
I also plan to add support for environment depended script transformations that will help in deploying a master data script to different servers and using data specific to the environment.
Lastly if I get around to it, I would like to add deployment workflow and automation to the tool.

You can download the latest release from GitHub: https://github.com/TechnoDezi/SqlBatchScriptRunner/releases

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